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In order to give better solution to the increasing demand from companies, IFCCI provides an executive corporate services department with the objective of providing better supports to your establishment in Indonesia. Besides focusing on assistance to foreign companies and institutions operating in Indonesia, this department provides also information and advices to Indonesian companies looking to set up collaboration with French companies or other Indonesian companies.

Our executive corporate services department will also be at your disposal to help you with legal procedures linked to trade information, your establishment and legal status in Indonesia as well as providing information on corporate legal documents.

Setting up a company

The most common legal structure in Indonesia is the Perseroan Terbatas, in which responsibility of the shareholders is limited to the amount of their shares, similar to a SARL or an SA in France. Foreigners can set up a Perseroan Terbatas in the form of a Penanaman Modal Asing (roughly translated as Foreign Investment)

However, you have to know that not all lines of business is allowed for foreign investments in Indonesia. Some are closed, and some are open with restrictions in terms of maximum foreign ownership, so sometimes you have to associate your company with an Indonesian business entity. Indonesian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry can help you in the incorporation process of your company in Indonesia as a PT-PMA. We can also help you to define the exact line of business and to find a business partner should you require so.

Representative office

A foreign company also may establish a representative office in Indonesia to undertake promotional and liaison activities on behalf of its parent company. A foreign representative office may come in the forms of a Foreign Trade Representative Office of a General Foreign Representative Office. The office, however, may not engage in business, conclude contracts, provide consultancy for a fee, undertake transshipment of goods, or open or negotiate any letters of credit on its own, as it is merely an extension of the principal company. Indonesian French Chamber of Commerce and Indonesia will gladly help you establish a representative office in Indonesia, all the way from preparation of the documents to the application to the Investment Coordinating Board in Indonesia.

Aside from helping your businesses expand in Indonesia, our Executive Corporate Service Department also offers help to existing companies in Indonesia such as:

·  Obtaining Working Permit and Temporary Residence Permit
·  Assistance in finding manpower for your company
·  Assistance in obtaining office space for your company
·  Legal services for agreement reviews and/or drafting
·  Legal due diligence services and
·  Other legal services related to company corporate actions or changes to the company.

Please find below the details of our corporate and legal services

Business Visa Visa d’affaires
Working Visa Visa de travail
KITAS (Temporary staying permit) Permis de séjour temporaire
Establishment of representative office Création d’un bureau de représentation
Establishment of PT PMA – Services Création de PT PMA (l’investissement étranger) – Services
Establishment of PT PMA – Trading Création de PT PMA (l’investissement étranger) – Négoce
Establishment of PT local Création d’entreprise locale
HR assistance (recruitment services) Assistance HR (services de recrutement)
Legal research Recherche légale
Legal due diligence Due diligence juridique
Contract review Vérification de contract
Legal contact drafting Rédaction de contacts juridiques

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