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The Indonesian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers the rental of its Conference Room as a solution to your temporary business office needs.

Located in Jl. Wijaya – Kebayoran Baru, in the heart of South Jakarta, the IFCCI Jakarta office space is in anexcellent location where near to the center of the city such as Central Business District and in close range 4-5 stars hotels, high-end shops and restaurants.

Our re-configurable conference room seats up to 12 people and is arranged in boardroom set-up. It is also ideal for meetings with clients and small-scale presentations.

The following benefits are included with Conference Room rental:

* Up to 8hours usage per day
* Wi-Fi internet access
* LCD projector*
* Writing pads, pens, highlighters
* National telephone calls
* Filtered water, coffee & tea
* Photocopy (up to 20 copies per day)

Located in Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, the IFCCI Bali office, other than being within distance from busy streets and businesses
(5 minutes from Sunset Road – 10 minutes from Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport – 10 minutes from Kuta – 15 minutes from Seminyak – 15 minutes from Sanur
– 15 minutes from central city – 10 minutes from the Nusa Dua toll), is also close to a number of hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers.

3rd floor
Two office segemnts (all space 593.75m²) – 2 small rooms - AC

2nd floor
One office segment (space 403.25m² ) – 1 small room - AC

1st floor
Meeting room (capacity for 10 people) - AC


IFCCI offers a service to facilitate you in obtaining a Schengen Visa to go to France as well as the other countries in the Schengen Area. IFCCI is able to help fill out the online application for your Schengen Visa, book your appointment at TLS Contact, check your documents, and accompany you during your appointment at TLS Contact. The steps of the visa application procedure are as follows:

Step 1 - Schengen Visa Application and Document List
Request for the Schengen Visa application and document list from IFCCI. Fill out the application as complete as possible, and send it back to IFCCI along with a copy of the first page of your passport and any previous Schengen Visas.

Step 2 - Online Application Input
We will input all of your data into the online application on the TLS Contact website, so please make sure your application is complete and your handwriting is legible.

Step 3 - Book TLS Contact Appointment
After completing the online application, we will book an appointment at TLS Contact according to your preference. You may request to change your appointment date (up to two times before your application is deleted by TLS Contact) if you are unable to attend the initial appointment date. However, please note that we can only book your appointment on the dates available by TLS Contact.

Step 4 - Prepare All Required Documents to Bring to the Appointment
The time between the booking of your appointment and the actual appointment, you must prepare and gather all required documents. We are able to assist you in checking your documents to see if it is complete or if there are still some documents missing or noncomplaint with the Embassy's requirements.

Step 5 - Appointment at TLS Contact
Be sure to arrive at least half an hour earlier at TLS Contact where you will meet with an IFCCI representative to accompany you during yout appointment. You will have to physically show up to have your biometric data (photo and fingerprints) be collected if it has not been collected within the last five years. You will also have to process the payment immediately after your appointment at TLS Contact (payment immediately in cash).

Step 6 - Application Processing
After your appointment at TLS Contact, your application is then sent to the Embassy of France for approval. This process takes approximately two weeks to complete, but if it is high season, it may take longer. Also note that you may not borrow your passport from the Embassy once it has been submitted, so please plan accordingly.

Step 7 - Passport Retrieval
You will be notified by TLS Contact once your visa is finished and has been returned from the Embassy to TLS Contact. Either you or an IFCCI representative may retrieve your passport at TLS Contact.

PLEASE NOTE that IFCCI has no jurisdiction in the visa decision-making process, and that all visa decisions are made by the Embassy of France in Jakarta.